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Extraordinary Hiking Tours

Guided by Nature redefines experiential travel, blending sophistication with our deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability. In partnership with Australia's leading eco-tourism operator, Tasmanian Walking Company, we bring you a global collection of immersive experiences designed for the curious traveller.

 Hosted by the most captivating landscapes, our walks are extraordinary, bucket-list experiences that must be seen to be believed. They weave together a rich tapestry of landscapes, local cultures, and diverse wildlife. Every step is a moment to take stock, every trail tells a story, every destination a chapter in sustainable and regenerative travel. 

See the world in a whole new way with Guided by Nature.  


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Why Walk With Us?

We make the world's best hiking destinations accessible, transforming challenging journeys into attainable adventures, and bringing untold stories of our natural world to light.

Step outside your comfort zone while retaining creature comforts—we handle every detail of your journey. Led by our knowledgeable local guides, our all-encompassing experiences feature exclusive accommodations, unique local encounters, and culinary delights. Your walking adventure, redefined. 

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